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Knowing that people learn the most when they exit their comfort zone, we like to challenge them by offering these opportunities and guiding them to think out of the box. Once out of the routine, we are left without the “instruments” we are used to work with. And if the environment does not provide new “tools”, we are determined to look inside ourselves and find resources that were maybe never used before. Thus, we become aware of our own skills and we can use them consciously on every new occasion!

Because we know adults learn the most by experiencing, our programs motivate participants to get involved in complex ways: from simple physical activities to tasks that trigger adrenaline, from creative problem solving to huge constructions.

In order to go beyond simply having fun together with the job colleagues, we always make connections between what’s happening during the program we offer and what’s happening in the daily life, at work. We do this, knowing that personality manifests itself in a fairly constant way, regardless of the situation we are in (at home, at the office, with our friends or among strangers). Thus, the conclusions we reach after a team building program may be transferred and applied to future situations of the daily life, helping us grow.  

We like to make use of specific theories, whenever they can be of help: leadership theories, Belbin team roles model, Tuckman’s stages of group development, the JOHARI window, the SWOT analysis and many others.