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Who we are

Team Box was born out of the desire to bring something new and professional to the Romanian training market, where team building is too often mistaken for the simple recreational activities shared by colleagues and paid by the company.

Behind this name, there is a well trained and experienced team of psychologists, human resources consultants, trainers of the Romanian Caving Federation and Romanian Canyoning Association.


Being previleged to have met several wonderful people from whom we have learned a whole lot, we sincerely believe in and apply this philosophy:

  • Each human being has value and dignity as a person. Sometimes we may not like or may not accept the others' actions, but we will always accept their essence as human beings.
  • People can make changes in their lives, if they choose so. Personal development is possible for everyone, regardless of age.
  • In order to have good interpersonal relationships, it's healthy to base them on contracts – verbal or written understandings, where both parts equally take responsibilities in their approach to common goals.