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how we work

Before the event

  • Because we do not sell products taken from a shelf, we "tailor" each program for each client.
  • In order to design the appropriate program, we first need to "take the measures". We clarify several essential aspects, together with the client: the objectives of the program, the training or team building history, the participants' profile, the location and so on.
  • Then we present a "sketch" (a program proposal based on the client's training needs) and we make together the necessary adjustments, where needed. Who would like to wear a shoe that matches the person's size, but is uncomfortable as model?
  • Thus, we make sure that every client leaves satisfied and will return anytime with confidence.

During the event

Each of our programs follows the 4 steps of experiential learning:

  • participants go through concrete experiences (with each activity in the program)
  • then, they analyze the experiences they had (each activity is followed by dialogue and debriefing sessions)
  • with the help of theoretical aspects introduced by the trainers where needed, participants generalize the experiences they had (in order to be able to apply what they discovered to new situations)
  • once returned to their work place, participants will have new experiences, being now able to equally use the pieces of theory presented and their own insights.

After the event

  • We always keep in touch with our clients, sending them reports, recordings or photos taken during the event, or keeping them informed on what's new in our field.
  • We organize follow-up sessions, on request, in order to see how the experiences lived during our programs have been transferred to the daily activity at work and facilitate the continuous development process.


Whether in Romania or abroad, whatever the desired location or geographical form, we’ll go there to organize the event.  

Collaborating with several tourism agencies, we can recommend the most appropriate locations for the desired event. 

But if you want to find the location yourself, you will need to consider the following aspects:

  • it has to be accessible for all the participants (in terms of distance and means of transportation)
  • it has to be big enough to accommodate the whole group at the same venue (in order to avoid discriminations)
  • it has to provide enough conference rooms or indoor /covered spaces, for the program to be delivered in case of bad weather conditions (heavy rain or high temperature)
  • it has to provide enough outdoor space (not splitted by parking lots, alleys or fences) near the venue, for all the activities to take place under the open sky
  • and other facilities that you may desire, such as disco, swimming pool and so on.